Phantogram on Fallon!

UPDATE: The Late Night video expired, so I replaced it with Phantogram’s video for “When I’m Small.”

One of the reasons I was digging out Phantogram pics was because of their TV debut last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon! Usually first time live TV performances are a bit laced with nerves, but they didn’t show it. Unless Sarah Barthel’s endearing head shimmy is a nervous tick.

Mnemonic, Josiah Wolf and Phantogram

Somehow I overlooked posting these photos from back in October. It was a good show, though I realized I’m basically too old to be staying up that late for an out-of-town concert. That same night, a few miles away, Liz Phair was playing a show. I briefly thought about trying to go to both, but with unknown start times and all there was no way of getting the timing down.




Josiah Wolf and Liz Hodson









Washed Out, Phantogram, and Ra Ra Riot

With my fastest f/1.8 lens and ISO pushed to 3200 it was still a struggle to get tack sharp photos in the limited-lumen, magenta gelled concert hall. Perhaps it’s something I should just resign myself to for anything other than a stadium or outdoor daytime show. And perhaps with that a slight adjustment in aesthetic goals (e.g. embrace the blur!).

Washed Out


Ra Ra Riot

See the full set.



This was a fun but challenging shoot due to the lighting. With the stage being powered off the grid by bicycles, the lumens were kept to a minimum. In some respects the surrounding street lighting looked brighter! Contrast was helped at times by a strobe light placed at the foot of the stage, but I didn’t try for any multiple exposure effects like at their indoor shows.

The low light situation was helped by managing to get a good position at the front of the stage, allowing me to use the stage floor to stabilize at least my body movement. Getting a bit caught up in the moment, I didn’t realize until I got home that I didn’t have image stabilizing engaged, which may have offered some additional assistance with camera shake. Although I can’t resist wondering what “might have been,” I should recognize I got some satisfying results while practicing good technique. And in some cases a bit of blur and movement is more interesting.