Washed Out, Phantogram, and Ra Ra Riot

With my fastest f/1.8 lens and ISO pushed to 3200 it was still a struggle to get tack sharp photos in the limited-lumen, magenta gelled concert hall. Perhaps it’s something I should just resign myself to for anything other than a stadium or outdoor daytime show. And perhaps with that a slight adjustment in aesthetic goals (e.g. embrace the blur!).

Washed Out


Ra Ra Riot

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Martin Sexton


Initially I was regretting not bringing the big camera, which would have allowed for some nice close-ups. But the Panasonic GF1 with a fast 40mm equivalent lens produced some very pleasing shots. Autofocus was fast and accurate and ISO 1600 very usable. In the future, however, I’ll just plan on bringing the big camera with me to the consistently camera friendly (if often underlit) WOW Hall.

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Over two years ago I was exploring ways to integrate flickr into my website and came across a PHP script called flickrhelpr. I tried getting it to work but, in my even more limited knowledge of PHP at the time, came up empty.

As I was getting things ready to implement WordPress on my site, I started cleaning things up on the server and stumbled (back) upon the failed flickrhelpr page. Well, something changed at some point so that now the darned thing actually works (albeit with some need of cosmetic tweaking). Ironically, the script developer doesn’t seem to be supporting it now as there’s no longer any documentation on his website.

Anyways, if you’re interested in seeing what it can do

UPDATE: Well, apparently it’s not working now…but maybe it will later?