Thoughts on turning 40 (minus one)

Based on the adage, “You’re only as young as you feel.” I would say I’m hovering around 28.

I’ve gotten past the awkward, post-college period of trying to figure myself (and my small section of the world) out, but not been around enough to think I’ve seen it all.

I suppose the latter will be true regardless of how old I get, and I’d like to think that as the years go by I will continue to have an open mind and heart to the things around me.

When the young complain about the old, it’s usually because they are resistant to change on various levels. One of my hopes as I move into that “older” category is that I never will be accused of being “set in my ways.”

If I do, I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of young people around to let me know what I’m doing wrong.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on turning 40 (minus one)

  1. Congratulations on this milestone, Cameron!

    I’m curious what you regard as the “older” category. For me, it’s “older than me.” So, it’s a dynamic measure.

    My experience is that people have either “open” or “closed” minds, and that age does not make a big difference (unless you make a lot of money).

    Youth doesn’t have a monopoly on open minds or creative thinking. Surround yourself with a variety of people of varied ages and opinions (to a point, of course). I think of Thomas Jefferson, who had many guests at Monticello, and engaged in spirited conversations.

    “How do you know what you think until you hear what you say?” a famous author once wrote. I am glad to know you.

    • Cameron says:

      Thanks Robert! I’m glad to know you too!

      As far as “older,” I tend to feel the same as you, but was looking at it from the perspective of society, which seems to define it as starting at 40.

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