The shaving razor’s cold and it stings …sometimes

Merkur Razor

The Merkur double-edged razor.

In what seems to be my lifelong pursuit of a close but comfortable shave, I gave the retro stylings of a double-edged razor a try after many years of compromising with an electric. While no doubt an impressively designed and machined grooming tool, the mass produced and commercial Mach 3 razor ultimately gives me as good a shave. The Merkur can of course do more damage if I’m not careful, and I admit there is a certain enjoyment in that risk, or perhaps in the successful avoidance of major bloodletting. But for my regular grooming routine I think the Mach 3 meets all the requirements. For the novelty and enjoyment of the shaving experience I’ll use the Merkur, but I suspect those occasions will be few and far between, not unlike my feasting on filet mignon and 50-year old Scotch.


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