Accounting for taste

kates-36th-birthday-3663.jpgAround the time I turned 30, I started liking certain foods I couldn’t stand as a kid. I hear it’s because my taste buds are losing their sensitivity, leading to a need for more intense flavors. I guess it could be worse (like growing ear hair).

Mustard, dill pickles, buttermilk, hot sauce, bitter melon, dark chocolate, and dark beer. These are all on my “like” list now.

While some things have not technically come off the list, I know some things don’t taste the same as I remember them. I used to think Hostess Ding Dongs were amazing, but now I recognize them for the cheap chocolate sugar bombs they are and opt to fill my mouth with something that actually tastes like (and contains) real chocolate. In cases like this, a taste has been refined, as opposed to acquired. However, I don’t think I’ll ever warm to banana-flavored soda.


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