In the meantime…

Obviously there’s been a lapse in updates, but that’s not to say there’s nothing new to share. The wedding gig has come and gone, as has the photography course I was taking in preparation for it. Most of my time in the next week will be spent processing the 300 or so images from the event (out of 850 images total), after which I will post the images from the rest of my course assignments. Overall my decision to take the class leading up to the job proved helpful, but the fair amount of self-study in the final weeks proved invaluable. Coming upon the on-camera flash work of Niel Van Niekerk (thanks Internets!) really upped the ante in terms of dealing with the wedding’s indoor, evening setting. Honestly, the images I took wouldn’t have been the same without his information and instruction. There’s more refining of the technique to do, but I feel there’s a nice foundation on which to build, and which should serve me well in a variety of situations.

So more to come, but in the meantime, allow me to distract you with this baby…



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